For software builders,
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WaveMaker is a leading Java low-code platform that helps professionals rapidly build modern, scalable, and secure software products and applications. Founded by a team of Java middleware technology experts, WaveMaker’s mission is to equip coders with a flexible low-code platform that can offer abstraction and augment the efforts of core software development teams.

Our background

WaveMaker was acquired from VMWare in 2013 and re-architected as a sophisticated low-code platform- built for professional developers. It gives developers a familiar IDE-like studio to rapidly build apps with responsive UI, reusable backend services, and pull in data using APIs.

The pedigree of our team in building complex, highly scalable SaaS platforms soon led to the launch of a multi-tenant cloud edition of WaveMaker in 2015- wavemakeronline.com. Everything was in the browser - a complete WYSIWYG studio, with customizable components and pre-fabs.

Today, for enterprises WaveMaker is a powerful low-code platform that accelerates their app development and IT modernization efforts. For ISVs, it can be easily integrated with their product and be used for extreme customizations. WaveMaker is thus a unique low-code platform that is at the cusp of scale and complexity.

Our Team

Vijay Pullur


Deepak Anupalli

Co-founder, VP Engineering

K V Prasad


Vikram Srivats

VP Strategic Markets

The WaveMakers