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How do we bring agility to application development?



  • Auto generate database schema
  • One-click API creation
  • Responsive UI templates
  • Reusable Components
  • REST Integration
  • Auto Containerization


2x faster than traditional development with 75% lower application maintenance costs

Deliver cross-platform apps of any size or complexity using existing developer skills

No platform lockin with full code ownership and no runtime dependencies

WaveMaker enables a higher degree of coding intermixed with visual development, facilitating the creation of long-standing and flexible enterprise-grade applications.

Featured Insight

Read this whitepaper to understand how Rapid Application Development can not only help fix application delivery but also save time, money and effort.


Core Systems

Deliver future-proof, business critical applications

  • Create modern User Interfaces
  • Adapt responsive design
  • Extend with off-the-shelf integrations
  • Mobile presence with hybrid apps

Digital Operations

Quickly build line of business apps in just a few days or week

  • Transform databases
  • Adopt a new tech stack
  • Create custom integrations
  • Build API wrappers
  • Build Offline apps
  • Container runtime integrations

Customer Experience

Create delightful, omnichannel apps and ensure 360 degree engagement

  • App architecture revamp
  • Custom app rewrite
  • Re-host to open systems
  • DevOps automation
  • Containerized app delivery


Canada’s largest food service distributor modernizes order management processes within 6 weeks

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Global IT software giant builds new insurance customer & agent portal reducing training effort by 40%

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NRD digitizes on-field processes using offline mobile apps to enable sustainable forestry

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