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The low-code platform of choice for innovative enterprises

Build enterprise-ready modern applications at speed and scale with a component-driven architecture. Reduce technical debt, innovate continuously, migrate to the cloud, and enable rich experiences for employees and customers alike.


Enterprises that chose low-code

Fueling agility with low-code:. From simple applications to complex portals, to core systems, Pertamina used WaveMaker to create diverse applications across verticals.

Investing in low-code:. WaveMaker enabled Banko di Seguro Sosial IT team to modernize mission-critical applications in a matter of months.

The road towards a composable enterprise

Strong business-IT collaboration, component-driven development, API-enabled enterprises, micro-app architecture, plug and play of business assembly and multi-cloud dynamic provisioning are the milestones on the road to building a composable enterprise. Low-code platforms that adhere to these principles help enterprises reach these milestones and achieve composability with ease.

The principles of low-code based on visual development, integrations, and design patterns align perfectly well with the theory of composability. Enterprises can use low-code as a strategic platform to build applications fast while reducing complexities in the process.
Composable enterprises will be built on low-code: Read this article to know more about how an enterprise can adopt this approach and what are the milestones and in this path.

Why WaveMaker is the low-code platform of choice


Open, Fast, Secure

Easy visual development, open standards, and built-in security make WaveMaker the best choice for enterprise CIOs looking at new ways to spearhead their digital initiatives with faster time to market.


Redefined user experiences

Build unique digital journeys with the user in mind. From beautiful UIs, and brand-consistent components to seamless 3rd party integrations, the platform allows pixel-perfect experiences to be built rapidly.


Move to the cloud

WaveMaker enables one-click deployment to a cloud of your choice and helps enterprises to scale massively, without the need for deep expertise in underlying technologies.


Spend smarter than spend more

Save smartly with a cost-effective developer-seat licensing model and future-ready technologies that lead to reduced upkeep and overhead costs.


Standardize app development

Align business with standardized app development on a sanctioned and governed low-code platform and allow fusion teams to work with ease.

Thoughts and Insights


From Composable Experiences to Composable Enterprises

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Food delivery e-commerce app built on low-code

Find out how Canada's largest foodservice distributor, Flanagan, modernized complex legacy forms to a build a web-based application using low-code.

Low-Code is a long-term enterprise strategy

Can low-code help enterprises build software with the right architecture, provide iron-clad security, and high scalability? Our CTO, Deepak Anupalli, answers these questions in this article.