Leapfrog applications to their tomorrow

Critical systems are getting redundant by the day and their app stacks are spread across generations. Quickly effect a generation leap in your applications with WaveMaker.

What’s your modernization story?

WaveMaker is a rapid application platform and works across your modernization goals. Helps you quickly modernize and deliver applications with minimal disruption.

Now to Next

Give your applications a quick facelift without any disruption

Now to New

Take your applications to new efficiencies and sustain it without losing steam

Now to Novel

Drive a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery

Jump a generation

WaveMaker approach – Reuse and automate.

Reuse databases. Auto generate schema and dependencies

Create APIs in one-click. Automate API documentation

Standardize front-end by using prebuilt responsive UI templates

Turn shared business logics into standard API libraries

Integrate any REST based third party services without coding

Scale apps with a fully automated container driven DevOps

The WaveMaker advantage

Wide and deep

We own the platform we use. This gives you granular customizations across a breadth of requirements.


From quick UI revamps to systemic changes in your app architecture and deployment.


WaveMaker platform is open-standards based, so you aren’t locked in, ever.

Make it yours

For tailor made solutions WaveMaker can be white-labeled to suit your specific needs.

Now to future. Safe and fast.

Application front-end facelift

Develop Custom apps and integrations

Streamline and transform databases

Build and publish custom APIs

Enable offline app capabilities

Case studies

Replatforming IBM AS/400 based systems without disruption


Modernizing online ordering application in 6 weeks by reusing existing PL/SQL backend


Modernizing a Microsoft app stack using WaveMaker


Get Started with WaveMaker

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