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The architecture is cloud-native and API-driven, is superior in deployment options, and provides full access for a code-behind approach throughout the tooling. Its tooling for UX and mobile development are solid.

The Forrester Wave™

Low-Code Development Platforms For
Professional Developers, Q2 2021

WaveMaker has made security a priority for its customers, thus giving the company a competitive advantage in its market...We’re thrilled to partner with a company that is already steeped in the process of secure coding to enable the best possible outcomes.

Ian McLeod

Chief Product Officer
at Veracode

The simplicity of the WaveMaker development environment opened our organization up to a mobile world that we previously would not have thought possible. With WaveMaker, we’ve streamlined the mobile delivery of all necessary data for our leaders, physicians, nurses as well as many other front line staff...

Michael Laidlaw

Manager, IT Applications
Support at VHS

Media coverage

Banking customers have come to expect mobile apps and other digitized services, while open banking continues to establish itself as the future.

It’s a fascinating time to be in the world of software! Multichannel engagement, embedded experiences, micro apps, hyper customization, and low-code/no-code technologies are all redefining the way applications are being built, packaged, delivered, and reconfigured.

Enough has been said and written about the effect of the pandemic in hyper-accelerating the shift to digital – for enterprises and consumers alike. This is one widely accepted fact we can note and move on from.

The low-code market continues to grow, increasingly finding adoption for more diverse and serious applications among enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs).

The low-code market is seeing meteoric rise across the world, as companies try to keep up with digitization demands and shrinking IT budgets.

So far, the low-code bastion has been mostly custom applications (built by “citizen” developers) – which are, sort of, spectrally opposite to core software platforms built by professional coders.

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