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With the increase of the average life expectancy of the population, demands for better healthcare support are also increasing. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are finding it difficult to treat patients with limited resources.

It was imperative to Medical wizard - a software company that serves the Australian healthcare industry - to provide solutions by rapidly prototyping and incorporating feedback in all end-user applications.

Download this case study to know how WaveMaker helped Medical Wizard to

  • Manage patient data and record-keeping
  • Be accessible on both web and mobile devices
  • Custom authenticate healthcare professionals using unique pin numbers
  • Accurately capture patient information with the added facility of a signature pad where patients can provide consent
  • Holistically view all info in dashboards for a quick glimpse into patients
  • Benefit from rapid UI development using visual design studio
  • Have the ability to write and run complex SQL queries
  • Easily link UI layouts and services
  • Ease deployment into the production environment with just a few clicks
  • View code changes and upload to Github in a click
  • Enjoy ready online support team for resolving issues quickly

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