Case Study

Replatforming IBM AS/400 based systems at half the cost

Our client is one of the oldest self-governing body in North America responsible for the regulation of lawyers and paralegals. The organization sets standards for admission into the legal profession and works in the public interest by ensuring lawyers meet high standards of competence and professional conduct and advancing the cause of justice and the rule of law.

Client Scenario

The client used a centralized member management system to manage their data related to legal professionals they govern. All these data were stored in a built-in DB2 of the IBM AS/400 system and were accessed via green screen applications. Lack of flexibility to handle changing needs in business processes, rising maintenance costs, hardware risks, and vendor lock-in forced the client to move their proprietary systems onto standards-based platforms.

WaveMaker Value Adds

DB schema redesign – Legacy database was a built-in database with AS/400 which did not have relationships defined between entities. Client’s member information was spread across 200+ tables. Since the schema wasn’t designed for efficient operation at-scale, we had to create a new schema without violating existing dependencies. What would normally take multiple weeks to generate APIs for the entities took a click of a
button with WaveMaker because it understood dependencies and auto-generated an efficient API for the newly created modern DB.

API generation – To access DB services with flexibility, WaveMaker instantly generated DB access APIs with the required documentation. The client also had to ensure transparent auditing of their data changes, we helped them create specific auditing and traceability APIs.

User Interface – WaveMaker has preloaded widgets and UI themes optimized for cross-screen compatibility. We leveraged them and recreated client’s application screens thus nullifying any project effort spent in creating front-end code.

External integrations – Client’s system leveraged multiple external services (third party APIs) to achieve extended functionality like reporting. Many of these APIs were SOAP based. Additionally, there were several internal services that had to be integrated. With WaveMaker we were able to use existing SOAP APIs as it is and even generate a new API for existing client service in no time. This made the overall integration effort a lot quicker.

WaveMaker is helping the client to quickly re-platform their legacy system without business disruption. With Wavemaker their modernization efforts are becoming agile, flexible and resilient. As we continuously engage with them, the platform shows greater potential to drive larger business values in the future.

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