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Case Study

Replatforming IBM AS/400 System
Without Business Disruption

Lawyers are the ultimate upholders of the law and ensuring they maintain high standards of competence and professional conduct is the test of a fair system. Digital transformation in the legal industry and their governing bodies is slower than others. Governing systems and legal firms are investing in modernization and looking to upgrade outdated, green screen applications to make processes faster, accessible and agile.

Consider this case of one of the oldest self-governing bodies in North America responsible for the regulation of lawyers and paralegals. They had a centralized member management system in the form of green-screen applications to manage their data related to legal professionals they govern . The data was stored in a built-in DB2 of the IBM AS/400 system. They needed a modern system that would provide flexibility to handle changing needs in business processes.

Download this Case Study to find out how WaveMaker added value:

  • Redesigned DB Schema - Because WaveMaker understood dependencies and auto-generated an efficient API for the newly created modern DB, what would normally take multiple weeks to generate APIs for the entities was done in a click.
  • Generated DB Access APIs - WaveMaker created specific auditing and traceability APIs which ensured.access to DB services with flexibility.
  • Optimized User Interface - WaveMaker recreated application screens with preloaded widgets and UI themes optimized for cross-screen compatibility.
  • Faster External Integration - Using existing SOAP APIs and by generating a new API rapidly, the overall integration effort was faster.

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