Build at pace. Deliver for scale

No more IT tickets. By natively handling app delivery to Kubernetes, WaveMaker let’s you fully convert the momentum gained with low-code development into faster app GTM.

Automated containerization

Powers microservices based deployments
at scale

Instant push to Kubernetes

Lowers adoption delay due to learning curve

Self-service DevOps

Democratizes the entire delivery process

Minimal disruption

To existing CI/CD pipelines saves
set-up time

WaveMaker HyScale containerization enabled us to provision and deliver applications on our hybrid cloud and reduced our time to market by 1/4 th- Head of Technology
WaveMaker HyScale helped us automate and containerize the delivery of our micro-services based application and reduce infrastructure costs by 25%- Director DevOps

Continuous Delivery in the world of Containers


Role of Kubernetes & Docker for App Delivery


Kubernetes is only
half the story

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