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WaveMaker accelerates app development helping enterprise IT build and deliver modern applications faster with smaller agile teams without compromising on enterprise-grade security, scalability and code extensibility

Why you’ll love us

WaveMaker is built by a team of passionate developers who understand the finer aspects of app development. We believe in keeping things simple and straightforward while helping you derive maximum value. These very attributes form the bedrock of WaveMaker platform.

Apps you can build

Develop, integrate and deploy a wide range of applications across devices, platforms and industries without restrictions.

Customer facing apps

Develop omnichannel applications with visual development to improve customer experience and engagement.

Core business apps

Build scalable enterprise-grade, core business applications that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Field service apps

Design cross-platform, field-ready apps to enable technicians to work offline and improve productivity.

Data driven dashboards

Bring data alive with powerful grids, forms, and interactive charts that stitch together information from multiple sources with just a few clicks.

Under the hood

  • Develop
  • Integrate
  • Deliver

Accelerated visual development with standards-based code-behind

  • Out of the box widgets, themes, and templates
  • Auto-generated, standards-based front-end code
  • Responsive design with Bootstrap

Seamless integration to standard enterprise systems with auto-generated APIs

  • Microservices based architecture
  • Leverage existing enterprise assets
  • Connect to third-party APIs without code

Continuous and flexible deployment without lock-in

  • Apps can be deployed on-prem, private or public cloud of choice
  • One click deployment
  • CI/CD of your choice with app lifecycle management

Success Stories

How enterprises using WaveMaker succeeded in developing and modernizing enterprise apps faster and
accelerating digital transformation efforts.

Global IT Software giant builds new insurance customer & agent portal reducing training effort by 40%

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North American law society modernizes IBM AS/400 apps without disruption at half the cost

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US retail major personalizes customer experience for physical stores and empowers store managers

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Canada’s largest foodservice distributor modernizes order management processes within 6 weeks

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NRD enables sustainable forestry by digitizing on-field processes using offline mobile apps

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The WaveMakers

Explore the all-powerful WaveMaker enterprise low-code platform. For all your application development, modernization & digital transformation needs

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