Wired for experience®

Building Blocks of User Experience

Introducing prefabs - WaveMaker’s customizable experience components that power the composability of your software.

Componentize any use case, simple or complex

Wrap backend services, REST APIs, and stunning UI together to create custom experience components that can be customized, distributed, versioned, and independently tested.

Assemble prefabs to create user journeys

Take prefabs a step further with journeys. Combine multiple prefabs with low-code to create embeddable, multi-step, end-to-end user journey components. 

Embed experiences

Create on WaveMaker and use elsewhere. Embed an entire user journey made with prefabs into any application using MicroFront end technology and provide experiences where they are least expected.

Build your own brand-consistent component repository

Build your own private and secure component repository with prefabs and user journeys built on low-code. Enable developers and citizen developers to pick, customize, and retrofit components to compose new applications and experiences fast. 

Ensure consistency of style, zero duplication of effort, and faster delivery of experiences across large and cross-functional development teams.

Ensure brand consistency at scale

Be assured of brand-consistency across your application landscape with the help of a governed component repository. Ensure consistency of style, zero duplication of effort, and faster delivery of experiences across disparate and larger development teams.

A new model for experience delivery

Build multi-disciplinary fusion teams that bring professional developers, implementation teams, and citizen developers together to drive customer-centric innovation at scale. Enable professional developers to create and share custom components that can be assembled by citizen developers to compose new and differentiated experiences quickly.


Professional developers build prefabs and journeys.


Components are shared securely via internal marketplace.


Citizen developers assemble components to create new experiences.