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What is rapid application

A system development approach designed to speed application development

The rapid app development (RAD) strategy employs tools, techniques, and methodologies devised to achieve faster time-to-market while ensuring congruency between the vision for the app and the final product

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Rapid application development model

This model relies on prototyping and rapid cycles of iterative development to speed up development and elicit early feedback from business users

Planning: The prototyping needs and limitations are identified and agreed upon by developers, designers, IT, and engineers.

Design: Initial prototyping and modeling is done after multiple iterations. Feedback from user experiences helps in designing the overall architecture of the application.

Development: The basic coding, testing, and integration to backend services are done in this phase. Enhancements can be made based on requirements.

Release: The development team moves the components from a testing environment to production. The application is deployed and ready to be used!

WaveMaker’s RAD approach helps build responsive hybrid apps based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern

Open standards, easy customization, and rapid prototyping are central to the platform. 

Watch how the WaveMaker platform can address challenges faced by enterprises in terms of digital demands- such as application delivery time, multi-channel development, infra slowness, dependency on skilled resources, etc.

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Why go RAD with WaveMaker

The benefits of Rapid Application Development Software Model have a direct bearing on the cost and schedule of enterprise application delivery.

Experiment and innovate

Build from a browser using WaveMaker Online with enterprise controls


Simple drag ‘n’ drop with little coding for easy customization and development

Express app

Stick to your schedule with a faster go-to-market strategy with fewer defects

Overcome rework

Create an engaging environment at every stage of app dev to leverage on specializations
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With WaveMaker, you can expect

75% lower maintenance costs compared to traditional life cycles
67% faster application development than traditional software delivery
80% lesser coding compared to traditional software development