Leapfrog applications
to their tomorrow

The WaveMaker advantage

Reduce cost
and risk

60% faster legacy transformation that saves rewriting and maintenance costs. Avoid business disruptions by extending existing investments using APIs

No platform

Reduce technical debt with open standards stack. Long-term software investment protection with full code ownership and no runtime dependencies

Improve IT resource

Reskill existing developers to build full-stack apps without specialists. Free up scarce resources to focus on other strategic IT initiatives


Easy technology upgrades on the initial solution and flexibility

Platform-led approach to modernization

WaveMaker’s powerful approach to app-modernization fully leverages the power of lowcode for building business apps, integration with existing systems, componentized development, code-generation, API-creation, microservices, and container-based delivery. This Platform + Services model provides an agile alternative to the traditional outsourcing-focused models, leveraging the right mix of re-use, refactor, and rebuild strategies combined together.

Auto generate database schema

Capture dependencies and even use existing stored procedures

One-click API creation

Extend existing services. Automate API documentation

Responsive UI templates

Standardize front-end by using prebuilt responsive UI templates

Reusable Components

Capture repetitive business logic and componentize

REST Integration

Use any REST API without writing additional code

Auto Containerization

Auto generation of Cloud Native images and services

Every modernization
need is unique

WaveMaker is a low-code platform that works across your modernization goals by helping you quickly modernize applications with minimal disruption.


Quickly facelift existing applications to create modern user experiences


Wrap and extend existing applications with new functionality without rewriting


Architect a new platform with existing business rules and incorporate new functionality

Success Stories