Unlock your solution’s
true business potential

The WaveMaker advantage

Faster time to value

Save time and money going to market with customized solutions. Change applications faster and improve developer productivity to refocus on business innovation.


Scale your business from delivering point solutions that are reliant on professional services to creating a clear path to an ROI on your innovation.


Enterprise-grade platform based on proven frameworks trusted by millions of developers. No platform lockin with full code ownership and no runtime dependencies.

Flexible licensing model

Adaptive pricing with white labeling rights that align to the way you sell your solution. Low total cost of ownership with decreased maintenance costs.

High productivity developer platform

WaveMaker is built for and ready to be used as the underlying OEM software for application development in your solutions. Your teams can focus on core competence instead of building one-off solutions internally.

Reusable components

Customize and reuse UI templates, repetitive components and business logic across implementations.


Easily integrate with enterprise systems, identity management systems and more without writing code.

Deployment and release automation

Instant deployment to cloud and on-premise with support for container technologies. Release automation across multiple environments.

Developer productivity

High productivity platform built for developers to combine the speed of low-code with the power of custom code.

Modern stack

Fast and powerful application development framework based on Angular 7

Go to market with greater agility


Reduce dependencies on professions services teams and service partners by packaging a rapid application development framework as part of your solution. WaveMaker enables companies put the power of low-code in the hands of their customers and partners.

Custom Implementations

Increase customer value by delivering a unique solution to every customer. WaveMaker helps companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiated solutions via rapid application development.


There is no mass market. Instead, there are multiple niche markets, each with very specific needs. Expand customer base with industry-specific solutions built on horizontal capabilities. WaveMaker helps industry’s leading companies develop niche solutions and save time & money going to market.

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