Wired for experience®

Embed custom low-code on top of your software

Easily integrate a customized white-labeled low-code composable experience studio into your software.

Reimagine your software stack

In the digital-first world, user experience is the only real differentiator. Software vendors need to enable their customers to create modern differentiated experiences quickly without getting bogged down by legacy infrastructure.

With WaveMaker, you can easily transition to a component-driven architecture and embed a white-labeled low-code composable experience studio on top of existing software, so that your customers can customize and compose new and differentiated experiences rapidly and at scale.

Delivering real business results

Embrace composability, reimagine experience delivery and achieve talent transformation with embedded low-code.


Enhance experience agility

Composability enables rapid assembly, extension, customization, and personalization of experiences.


Compete with new-age disruptors

Deliver modern digital experiences at the speed of change and compete better.


Deliver faster go-lives

Customize and deliver custom solutions faster and absorb greater market demand.


Enable customer self-service

Provide customer dev teams - professional and citizen - a low-code environment to build, customize, and extend themselves.


Drive core innovation

Reduce professional services and divert talent to core tech and focus on core innovation.


Orchestrate ecosystems

Build your own asset library for mass adoption, market share growth, and value multiplication.

Why WaveMaker

Embed the industry’s most open low-code platform that’s designed to seamlessly integrate with your current technology stack.

Open standards

Keep your software always updated with an open standards-based tech stack.


Best-of-breed application framework allows developers to easily learn and adopt the platform.

Easy integration

Integrate with any process, framework, or service-internal or external with ease.

No Lock-in

Build any number of applications for any number of users with no additional costs.

Real code behind

No hidden logic, no metadata, just simple readable code for you to extend and customize.