Banking-as-a-Service with WaveMaker

Differentiate, promote and make your APIs more accessible with experience components built over them.

Enable embedded financial services for brands

Orchestrate your APIs and build visual, reusable, and customizable banking components over them.
  • Enable embedded banking for brands with financial components built over APIs with a custom-made SDK.
  • Assist brands in developing digital infrastructure with WaveMaker. Help them to develop applications with embeddable and readily available prefabs and micro-apps with speed.

The synergy of low-code development and BaaS APIs

Low-code development layered on BaaS APIs is the new paradigm of software development for embedded finance.

BaaS players offer all of (or parts of) the banking stack as-a-service for fintech and tech-driven brands. Brands across the globe are embedding finance in their applications – by leveraging offerings from BaaS providers. Low-code offers a quick and an easy way of abstracting the BaaS APIs to create embeddable functionalities.

Read this blog by Vikram Srivats, VP, WaveMaker to know more on how low-code can enable BaaS players to develop faster.

Empower new-age digital banks

Enable neo banks to create an experience platform with componentized APIs for payments, debit and credit cards, forex services, loan provision, and many more financial functionalities. New-age digital banks that require speed of development can quickly compose financial applications with just pure plug-n-play.

Thoughts and Insights


Embedded Finance, Low-Code and the Emerging Face of Adaptability

In this blog, we follow the story of embedded finance and low-code adoption.

Build Composable, Customizable & Embeddable Financial Experiences

Go Beyond APIs. Deliver building blocks for fintech made on low-code.

Go Beyond APIs. Deliver building blocks for fintech made on low-code.

Vikram Srivats, VP and GM at WaveMaker in conversation with 11:FS CEO David M. Brear.