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Custom Application Development

A RAD approach to build future-ready apps​

One way to drive the adoption of applications is to build one that’s customized to the user. When you have teams within teams, from cross-functional to self-managing teams, every user, from an IT leader to a line of business (LoB) executive, demands modern applications designed to their requirements. The essence of agile enterprises is to create value and flexibility for business users with fluid IT capabilities.

IT cannot deliver all the custom
apps that your business needs

Address the pace of your application development
needs with Custom Application Development Services

Create new or extend
existing applications

  • Create data models, relationships and database constraints from existing system of records
  • Develop auto-import pipeline for existing database schema with support for multiple database platforms
  • Enable connection to Mobile backend services (MBaaS) of your choice (like AWS Mobile Services and Azure Mobile Services) for identity management & sync, analytics, push notifications, and more
  • Develop new integrations (or) connect with existing web services APIs (REST and SOAP) to enable an API-based custom application development
  • Customize application development

Create native experiences

  • Enable access to native device features like camera, location, network, battery, contacts, local storage and more in your enterprise app
  • Accelerate app performance by leveraging offline storage
  • Develop native themes and UI controls (HTML5) that adapt to any screen of choice
  • custom app development

Drive application adoption and use

  • Create internal developer network and
    app stores
  • Automate and implement app version
    controls and revision policies

Build enterprise-grade, custom applications
that are future-ready with wavemaker

Great looking apps
out of the box
Quicken event driven navigation and create consistent design using pre-built themes and app templates.
code base

Easily extend or maintain code generated using your favorite IDE.

No code

Generate code that can be exported as a ZIP or WAR file and is Maven compliant, Open Source.

Lower infra TCO
with Docker

Use a lightweight Docker-based containerization model that runs 2-3 times faster than VMs.

API reuse

Drag & drop use and re-use custom built “Prefabs” to accelerate application development.

RAD platforms such as WaveMaker are revolutionizing how enterprises build, deliver, and manage modern custom applications. Improve business agility, foster innovation and accelerate application development.