Add composability to software. Reimagine experience delivery.

Rapidly transition to an agile and resilient composable architecture and deliver customized, differentiated experiences at scale.


Delivering differentiated experiences fast: The ISV challenge

In the digital-first world, delivering personalized, delightful user experiences is the only real differentiator. In order to stay competitive, enterprises now expect and demand highly customized solutions and faster turnarounds from their software vendors.

From deep integrations with existing backend systems, to branding and styling changes, feature configurations, and UI customizations, ISVs need to deliver and maintain a vast range of resource-intensive customizations for each individual enterprise customer.

But legacy monolithic cores and archaic software make meeting these expectations a major challenge, especially given the constraints of traditional development and implementation methodologies and a dearth of suitable skillsets. 

It is imperative that ISVs relook at their software stack and  current development strategies in order to keep pace with ever-evolving demand in the modern, experience economy.

Composable software: The modern, agile ISV tech stack

Rapidly transition from monolithic to a low-code powered component-driven architecture with WaveMaker. Break down and componentize all business capabilities with WaveMaker's prefabs and journeys—custom experience components that can be distributed, customized, and assembled via low-code to compose delightful, multi-channel experiences quickly and at scale.

The new model for custom experience delivery

Shift to a two-pass model of software delivery that brings professional developers and implementation teams together over a unified low-code platform. Enable professional developers to build and securely distribute prefabs and journey components that can then be picked up, customized, and assembled by implementation teams to create customer-specific customized solutions fast.


Professional developers build prefabs and journeys with low-code.


Components are shared securely via internal marketplace.


Implementation teams assemble custom solutions with drag-n-drop.

The WaveMaker Advantage


Equip yourself with new-age, future-proofed technologies and compete with the best.


Build iteratively from MVP to customer go-lives with 3X velocity.


Test the market pulse and innovate iteratively.


Incubate and scale a 3rd party developer ecosystem.

Composability delivers real business results

Compete with new-age disruptors

Deliver modern digital experiences at the speed of change and compete better with new-age players. 

Absorb greater demand with faster go-lives

Streamline implementations and deliver faster customer go-lives, freeing up talent to absorb greater market demand.

Enable customer self-service

Empower customer teams with an intuitive low-code environment to extend and customize software on their own.

Transform talent and drive innovation

Minimize the load on professional services and divert tech talent to focus on core software innovation.

Streamline core upgrades

Ensure seamless version-sync between the core app and deployed app while keeping all customizations intact.

Foster ecosystem growth

Make it easy for third-party vendors to build and contribute assets with low-code and grow market share.

The open low-code platform of choice for ISVs

The only low-code platform which gives you complete control and freedom over your assets.
WaveMaker operates primarily in key verticals of banking and insurance, telecom, and healthcare and specializes particularly in serving the needs of Independent Software Vendors.
Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2021

Open Standards

Built on an open standards tech stack comprising Angular, Bootstrap, Spring, etc. which makes it easy for developers to get up and running fast. 

Dev-seat Licensing

Scale to unlimited apps and users while keeping costs fixed and in check with a transparent licensing model based solely on seats.

No Vendor Lock-in

Own your assets, your code, and your runtime. Get the freedom to break-free anytime with WaveMaker.

Real, Exportable Code Behind

WaveMaker generates real, exportable, human-readable code that's clean, has no hidden logic, no metadata, and nothing proprietary.

Performance at Scale

WaveMaker low-code offers a host of modern front-end, backend, mobile, and DevOps technologies to deliver robust performance at scale.

Enterprise-grade Security

WaveMaker is VeracodeTM certified and maintains an always-updated tech stack that ensures robust enterprise-grade security throughout.



Fortune 500 Fintech ISV

Modernized their digital banking platform to a component-driven architecture to deliver a composable banking platform for their large base of client banks.

We’re increasingly finding the need to deliver tailored experiences to different user segments. By integrating WaveMaker into our ecosystem, we now have a framework of pre-built components that can be quickly assembled not just to build apps but also provide differentiated user experiences, thereby increasing the value to our end-users significantly.

Director, Technology Strategy

Learn how a Fortune 500 banking software vendor used WaveMaker to modernize and transform their digital banking solution suite.

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