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Use WaveMaker low-code to compose custom applications with existing investments, at speed and scale. Offer personalization with the power of product-grade scaling and iron-clad security. Create reusable banking components that can be plugged and played into any application

Delivering contextual digital banking experiences fast: The need of the hour for banks

Increased digitalization and the advent of “anytime, anywhere” banking solutions, have led banks to view their digital infrastructure with a new lens. In order to remain significant in the rapidly evolving financial services ecosystem, they need a razor-sharp focus on 3 key aspects:

Open Banking


Deep Personalizations

As they adopt “Composable Banking” and start collaborating with niche players, banks need a development platform that can provide the impetus to roll out newer personalized consumer journeys built over internal and external APIs.

Composable Software: The modern Banking tech stack

Break down and componentize all business capabilities with WaveMaker’s prefabs and journeys—custom experience components that can be distributed, customized, and assembled via low-code to compose delightful, multi-channel experiences quickly and at scale. Build a custom studio, rich with experience components for business developers/citizen developers across your enterprise.

What can banks do with WaveMaker?

Embrace composability and see the real difference it makes in your business.

Launch composable digital platforms quickly

Create a modern internal user experience efficiently

Facilitate embedded finance for SMBs with a white-labeled platform

Build customer engagement portals for “everyday” retail banking needs like virtual card management, deposit accounts, and loan management. Create centralized dashboards and management systems for multiple accounts for corporate clients.

Modernize internal applications like dispute management, resource management, credit & transaction history management, and cash management. Launch unique modern user experiences for employees and vendors in a cost-effective way.

Use low-code to develop your own (read: white-labeled) API-inundated platforms. Enable small and medium banking players in the ecosystem to design and deliver embedded finance services backed by banking infrastructure and compliance capabilities.

The open low-code platform
of choice for Banks


Apps built on WaveMaker, are based on a proven; globally adopted open standards-based tech stack, which keeps your apps fresh, up-to-date, and free from potential vulnerabilities. Developers find it easy to adopt and onboard on a platform based on well-known technologies such as Angular, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Spring, and more…

Licencing Model

Banking is a high-volume business. The transparent developer-seat licensing model is hassle-free, simple, and non-constrictive; allowing teams to create as many applications as they want and deploy them wherever they want, lowering development and implied futuristic costs.

No Vendor

Free yourself from the clutches of lock-in and have complete control over your assets and applications—no limits on the number of applications or users. With no license restrictions on runtime libraries, you can deploy into any runtime platform, not just WaveMaker’s.

Real Code

WaveMaker app-generated code mirrors developer-written code. Extend and customize code and components without being tied to the platform. WaveMaker platform generates code that is clean, readable, has no hidden logic, no metadata, and nothing proprietary—just powerful capabilities and better control.


Extend and customize code and components without being tied to the platform. The Maven-compliant auto-generated app code can be exported and customized out of the platform into any IDE of choice, any time, any number of times.

Freedom of
custom code

WaveMaker allows multiple extension points that allow custom coding. Create your own Java libraries and import them into WaveMaker as a Java service. Build your own custom UI styling and extensions using JavaScript. Integrate any external AngularJS and jQuery UI controls into the WaveMaker platform as a drag-and-drop UI widget.

Composability: The key to Digital Transformation in Banking

Shobhit Mathur
Senior Director And Category
Head - BFS - WaveMaker

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Banking on security

Fortune 500 US-based bank adopts WaveMaker low-code platform to create iron-clad applications with stringent security tests.


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