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Low-code provides flexible integration with DevOps

While low-code platforms enable faster time-to-market, the challenge is to find ways to integrate applications with DevOps workflows. Our CTO, Deepak Anupalli provides his insights in this webinar.

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6 questions every enterprise must ask its low-code vendor

Over the years, our customers have asked us many questions before partnering with us. If you want to evaluate low-code platforms at a granular level, here are a few questions that would be good to ask. Watch this Webinar to get all the answers.

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Low-code got serious

Yes! Low-code has gotten serious! Low-code is now a strategic tool for enterprises to build rapidly to scale. To know how low-code can be a part of your enterprise IT strategy and help you achieve business agility, watch this webinar.

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Modernization with maximum success

Join us for this 60 minute webinar as Mayur Shah, Director Platform Marketing & Advisory at WaveMaker, Inc., along with experts from Medical Wizard and 3i-Infotech discuss in depth about their modernization journey with WaveMaker.

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Benefits of containerization for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

In this webinar, watch Anoop Balakrishnan and Mayur Shah talk about modernization of IT and the ‘Container Revolution’. Find answers to questions such as DevOps automation and app delivery to hybrid and multi-clouds.

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Enterprise app dev platform to keep your "developers, architects and CIO" happy.

Modern Businesses need to be agile, visually appealing, integrate-able ,and responsive in nature all the while adhering to enterprise-grade standards. Watch this webinar to know how WaveMaker can keep all your stakeholders happy.

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