Jumpstart app building with self-paced & classroom-based learning modules


4-hour Instructor-led Training (Classroom Training)
  • Introduction to WaveMaker basics
  • UI components and binding
  • Databases and services
  • Variables and data visualization
  • Preview and deployment overview


4-hour Instructor-led Training (Classroom Training)
  • Security, Version Control, Localization
  • Advanced DB Concepts
  • Extending app with Custom Code
  • Prefabs, Custom Components
  • API-Driven Development

Custom learning modules

45-minute self-paced learning

App-building essentials

Learn the concepts behind WaveMaker and apply them to build a simple fully-functional app.

6-hour self-paced learning

Creating a simple application
Build a web responsive app using a sample database - Leave Management System allowing the employees of a company to manage their leaves, managers to approve/reject and much more.

10-hour self-paced learning

Creating an enterprise application
Build a web responsive app using a custom SQL database - Asset Management System for procuring and assigning the assets for the employees based on their requirement.

10 Modules  |  4 Hours

Web app development

Learn all that is needed to build web apps using WaveMaker. Know about Widgets, Service and Variable to connect them. Also included are ways to secure your app and deploy the same.

3 Modules  |  2 Hours

Mobile app development
Learn to develop Mobile apps and to build for Android or send to PhoneGap.

5 Modules | 2 Hours

UI development
Tailored to meet the needs of UI Developer, focus is on Themes, Styles, Prefabs and Artifacts apart from the Page Design and Widget usage.

6 Modules | 3 Hours

Backend development

Need to know how to get the maximum benefit of integrating with backend services like Database, Web, Java and others..

4 Modules  |  6 Hours

Product admin
Lessen the burden of App Developer by creating common Artifacts like Themes, Prefabs, Project Shells and Templates.

4 Modules | 6 Hours

UI development
Establish and configure your developer network with the correct Locale, Secure Login, Version Control and Deployment Profiles.