July 27, 2022

Create powerful apps using model-driven development and RAD tools

Make data more digestible

A byte about visual modeling and programming

Visual modeling and visual programming techniques transform numbers into visual elements such as charts, maps, graphs, and tables using standard graphical notations. Data visualization is crucial in supporting real-time decision making and has become a core feature in modern application development platforms. Visual modeling and programming not only allow you to build a model of your system or application, but also to model systems easier, faster and more accurately on the front-end, while maintaining the syntaxes and semantics at the back-end.

Try Model-Driven Development

Today’s software and application demands require a ready-to-use foundation before anything is built on it. To eliminate iterations in your application development lifecycle, a powerful approach is to adopt model-driven development. By using a model as a starting point to describe your business semantics and then generating application artifacts from that model, you can deliver applications faster with higher productivity.

What low-code platforms have brought to the table in terms of visual modeling and programming, is easy-to-use, drag and drop features, and customizable widgets, helping you to create critical and device-agnostic applications with responsive dashboards.

Whether it is full or partial dependency, find out what type of Model-Driven App Development Approach suits your business and application development needs.

Achieve data visualization with minimal coding

Take Visual Modeling and Programming to Next Level Using Low-Code

“It took a single developer 1 week to build an entire application!” Find out how low-code addressed a real-world problem using visual modelling techniques.

The Low-Code Leverage

Advantages of using WaveMaker for visual modeling and programming

Visual programming and visual modeling just got easier. You can instantly create a chart, plot a map, or build a dashboard to visualize data from any source using WaveMaker. By using built-in widgets and prefabs, you can build applications within days without any need for coding.

  • Ensure high quality of code : Incorporating the best practices followed by professional Java or Javascript developers, WaveMaker guarantees best code quality, maintainability and extensibility for enterprise application use.
  • Automate code generation :  Taking a radically different approach to use open-standards based generated code, the WaveMaker platform automatically generates code for every action performed via drag & drop features.
  • Lower costs :  Experience significant reduction in development and maintenance costs. Enterprises using the WaveMaker platform for application development have, in some cases, lowered maintenance costs up to 75%.
  • Reduce coding effort with fewer resources : Applications can be developed rapidly on WaveMaker with easy prototyping, testing and deployment, with 80% less coding effort and fewer resources.
  • Intuitive and visual : Built not only keeping in mind developers, but also business users, the WaveMaker platform offers unique drag & drop features, WYSIWYG layouts and out of the box themes and template designs, making application development easy for any user.
  • Save time on application development : Enterprise users experience, on an average, 67% faster application development time using the WaveMaker platform, when compared to traditional software delivery.

It’s a data-driven world! Whether the objective is to visualize data, modernize legacy systems, or deliver a personalized experience, business-critical applications are being developed at greater speed. To develop customized applications at greater speed, low-code provides professional developers with the much-needed agility.

Find out how you can enhance your visual programming and visual modeling techniques using low-code.

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