Introducing Samir Ghosh, CEO of Pramati's Cloud Platform

By now, hopefully, you’ve seen the news that WaveMaker has a new home with Pramati. This is a good move for the WaveMaker community, as it puts the WaveMaker open source project in the hands of a company with a long history of support for both Java and open source projects.

Pramati has over 600 Java developers and offices in Silicon Valley and India. They have over 15 years building Java technology and SaaS applications, including active participation in the Java Community Process and Java standards ranging from EJB to JMS.

I led the effort from the VMware side to find a new home for WaveMaker and have been helping Pramati with their acquisition. I am on the advisory board for Pramati, so my relationship with WaveMaker will continue. I am also happy to announce that WaveMaker’s head of sales, Michael Harper, has joined Pramati to lead their cloud platform sales and business development.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce, Samir Ghosh, CEO of Pramati’s cloud platform division and a personal friend of mine. Under Pramati and Samir’s team, I am very optimistic about the future vision of WaveMaker.