Introducing WaveMaker Cloud (Beta)

The WaveMaker team is pleased to announce the release of the Beta version of WaveMaker Cloud, a free cloud hosting service for your WaveMaker applications. WaveMaker Cloud is part of the WaveMaker 6.7.0 M2 milestone release which you can download from the community build page.

As a valued contributor in the WaveMaker community, we encourage you to try WaveMaker Cloud and hope that you will let us know what you think.

In addition to the power, WaveMaker gives in rapidly building rich cloud and mobile apps, WaveMaker Cloud™ also gives you:
• A free hosting environment to deploy WaveMaker applications to the cloud
• The ability to manage deployed applications from within WaveMaker Studio
Application portability with a standard software stack: Tomcat and MySQL

We hope you enjoy WaveMaker Cloud!