Leverage composability, create web and mobile applications

Transition to low-code composable architecture, accelerate web and mobile app development.

Composable app development at work

Discover how our customers leveraged composability as a
 strategy in new app development.

Fueling agility with low-code:. From simple applications to complex portals, to core systems, Pertamina used WaveMaker to create more than 20 new applications.


A healthy spell of low-code:. WaveMaker enabled Medical Wizard to rapidly create commonly used workflows in the healthcare industry, while keeping code portable and secure.

Prefabs driven composable approach

Swiftly assemble new app experiences with prefabs and user journeys on the WaveMaker platform. Wrap backend functionalities, REST APIs, and UI to create powerful experience components that can be customized, distributed, versioned, and independently tested.

Compose web apps with modern experiences

Experience rapid web app development at speed and scale, with a gamut of UI templates, custom themes and 100+ customizable widgets, on a highly integrable platform.

Rapidly develop mobile applications

Explore the advantages of creating fast, reliable, and engaging experiences with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on WaveMaker or build cross-platform native mobile applications on the React Native studio. Deliver superior mobile experiences with a component-driven approach.

WaveMaker Fusion Teams

WaveMaker fusion teams create a repository of reusable and functional experience components, that are assembled by developers and business stakeholders to compose the final custom product. This helps teams stay agile and develop faster.


Professional developers build prefabs and journeys.


Components are shared securely via internal marketplace.


Business users assemble components to create new experiences.

How WaveMaker accelerates enterprise app development


Responsive apps using modern UI features

WaveMaker uses modern UI frameworks like Angular 11 and Bootstrap that ensure a rich and responsive user experience across devices.


API generation from existing services

WaveMaker provides one-click REST API auto-generation for database, web and Java services to reuse existing DB logic and Java code.


Complexity & achieve full-stack development

WaveMaker abstracts underlying complexities of binding UI to back-end data sources, API integration, creation, and security configuration.


Delivery and deployment process

WaveMaker makes CI/CD effortless and supports deployment of application artifacts to any Java application server, on-premise or on multi-cloud by integrating with existing enterprise CI tools like Jenkins.


From proprietary technologies easily

Leverage existing assets and reuse components; making it easy to migrate from legacy applications based on proprietary technologies such as Lotus Notes, MS Access and Oracle Forms to new tech.

Why WaveMaker appeals to enterprise IT teams

Architectural best practices

WaveMaker cloud-native applications have session-less architecture, decoupled front-end and back-end layers using REST API, and configuration-driven security and deployment models.

Framework-driven approach

WaveMaker brings a component-based UI development framework using Angular with extensions built as prefabs, microservices-based services using Spring, and Hibernate with extensions built as connectors.

Security best practices

WaveMaker apps are built with enterprise-grade security best practices hardened for penetration testing and offer RBAC against vulnerabilities at each layer i.e. database, backend services, APIs & UI components.

Performance & Scalability

WaveMaker cloud-native applications have session-less architecture, decoupled front-end and back-end layers using REST API, and configuration-driven security and deployment models.

Integration in the backyard

WaveMaker supports SOAP and Java-based connectors for any custom integrations, without disrupting existing practices. Developers can continue using their Git, Selenium and Jenkins for testing and CI/CD, thus closing the gap for automation between apps and these systems.

Coexistence with BPM

Pure play BPM-based workflow engines like Camunda, jBPM, and Activiti can be integrated with WaveMaker. Businesses can continue to leverage BPM tools while app teams will provide the necessary integration to plug in into these workflows.

Leverage low-code for building complex applications

Align with the organization’s existing tech stack and development strategy. Generate real code, follow architectural best practices, choose from a wide range of widgets and templates and integrate with the ecosystem effortlessly.

How to go agile with WaveMaker

Collaborate on the cloud, reduce dependencies and get to market fast

Strengthen the developer toolbox

WaveMaker empowers your IT teams with drag-and-drop features and out-of-the-box modern UI frameworks such as Angular, to build with minimal coding while ensuring code quality, maintainability, and extensibility.

Accelerate idea-to-app journey

With WaveMaker, app teams can prototype rapidly, collaborate with business teams instantly, and test more features. Clear the huge backlog of user stories and pave way for experimentation with all kinds of ideas.

Boost adaptability to change

By freeing up time spent in hand-coding, data integration and manual deployment, WaveMaker allows for focus on the customer, making changes to apps easy, and managing those changes easier.

Easily deploy at scale with speed

WaveMaker platform with auto-containerization, cloud-native architecture and integrated CI/CD pipeline can automate your entire deployment process, resulting in real-time updates to the cloud without any delays.