Experience an awesome app development journey with the new and revamped

With the aim to make your app development journey simple, easy, and hassle-free, we just revamped our website and product platform with better and enhanced features and an awesome user experience for all our customers and new users.

WaveMaker is a renowned name in the application development world, and we want to reach out to our clients across the globe with a more meaningful and enhanced experience. Every time they came in to build an app, we wanted to give them a wow experience.  The task was to take the application development experience to the next level & provide a powerful interface that enables quick & easy App development. To take users on a website & product journey that’s even more seamless, structured & intuitive than ever before.

For that, we re-looked at various touchpoints like the brand calls, target audience, first-time user experience, etc. We thought over questions like “is the user experience engaging enough? Are we reaching out to the right customers? Are the tutorials helping users to execute easily? And so much more.

The key objective was to coordinate and integrate the touchpoints so that they seamlessly meld together and provide our users with the best experience.

We examined WaveMaker’s customer journey, to understand where exactly we could eliminate distractions and make it more engaging.

This helped us to find out broken experiences or interactions all through the funnel, keeping the end user’s perspective in mind. We mapped out the customer journey to understand how the user feels before, during, and after using the product. Conducted usability tests with the developers to boost productivity & improve learn-ability.

The goal was to take a customer-centric holistic approach & come up with a strategy and design that helps up the conversion rate.

What we did to make it better :  

  1. Brand Value Redesigned

Carried out branding exercises to recreate the brand identity. Re-imagined perception of the brand across touch-points to improvise on the brand visibility.

2. Logo Improvised

Humanized the logo to make it more inviting & relatable. Make sure that the logo gets designed with precision, aligned with the Brand Values & has higher recall merit.

3. Website Refined

With a product first experience, we covered all the bases. From crafting, stunning graphics to cutting the content clutter, developing site architecture that works like magic, all developed with a strategy to inspire, interest, engage, and convert the target audience.

4. Customer On-Boarding Streamlined

Making the first-time experience with the product, fast, easy & simple, was high on the agenda. From reducing the number of forms required to fill before the sign up to inculcating a 5 step tutorial video, to build an App, fast & easy, helped streamline the process

5. Product Modified

Carried out a UX overhaul to make WaveMaker 9.0 Studio more resource-driven & intuitive. Simplified & de-jargonized the context throughout the tool. Dashboard made minimalistic, canvas more distinguishable with the help of colors & navigation easier with the use of icons.

6. Tutorials Imbibed

Action-oriented tutorials were introduced with the aim to simplify the user journey while working on the tool. The flow of the tutorials was simplified keeping in mind the context, language, and purpose. Video content was made interactive, helping users walk through the interface in a narrative flow.

The result was a brand new website and product platform packed with enhanced features, better user experience, intuitive tools, and a customer-friendly platform that can help you build enterprise-grade apps in just a few days.