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The Essence of Cross-Platform,
Hybrid Mobile App Development

The main challenges enterprises are facing today is the cost and complexity of using and maintaining legacy systems, those that are incompatible with multiple devices, frameworks and platforms.

Addressing the need for enterprise mobility, hybrid mobile app development has gained significance. Cross platform, hybrid mobile app development provides access to native capabilities and mobile features, enables synchronization with offline data, provides connection to mobile backend services (mBaas), offers an instant preview and packaging of mobile apps and delivers apps across platforms using a shared code base.


What a Mobile App Development
Platform Provides

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provides portability and mobility. Development teams need to ensure they choose the right mobile development tool and a framework that suits their application development requirements. Here’s what a mobile application development platform offers:

Build Hybrid Apps with
Native UX

Use a wide collection of templates and themes that adapt to platform guidelines to create hybrid mobile apps with a native ‘look and feel’.

Easy Access to Mobile Features and Native Capabilities

Gain easy access to native capabilities and mobile features without concern about underlying complexities.


Access and Synchronize with Offline Data Seamlessly

Obtain easy access to offline data and synchronize to deliver seamless experiences.

Connect Applications to Mobile Backend Services

Connect and link applications to backend services (mBaas) and cloud storage of your choice for features such as identity and user management, analytics, and push notifications.


1-Click Test, Preview, and Publish on Different Devices

Instantly test and preview apps on different devices and package them to publish on Google, Apple and Windows app stores.

Use a Shared Code Base to Deliver Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Use a shared code base and reuse codes across platforms to deliver cross-platform mobile apps, reducing code development time.


Find out more about cross-platform mobile application development tools and how they benefit enterprise application delivery.


Discover the Layers of WaveMaker - A Platform Designed for Mobile App Developers

WaveMaker hybrid mobile applications are built using a platform-specific installer based on the Cordova framework and the app components such as widgets, prefabs, and layouts, are bundled along with the App. The runtime component and the widget library required for integration with backend services are bundled as well. The corresponding Web App is $built on an open standards-based stack using Angular, Bootstrap & HTML.

Cross-Section of a Cross Platform, Hybrid Mobile App →

4 Layers of Mobile Application Development using WaveMaker

Build mobile UI using layouts and mobile specific widgets.

Integrate data via REST APIs, data binding, and variables.

Enhance app functionality by enabling native support with access to device-specific features.

Build platform-specific installers for easy deployment of apps.

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