WaveMaker Studio 7 Open Beta now available!

We are proud to announce the open Beta release of WaveMaker Studio 7.  Click on the "Try 7.0 Beta Now!" button here.

This is one of the most significant releases of WaveMaker in the past few years, if not ever.  Following are some highlights of the major enhancements available in WaveMaker Studio 7.  Note that the Beta version is available as a service (SaaS) so we can provide you with instant releases, upgrades, and bug fixes.  For GA, if not earlier, we will have a downloadable, installed version.  We continue to offer WaveMaker Studio 7 for FREE (both the downloadable and SaaS versions), and will make the downloadable version Open Source.

Updated architecture

Studio 7 is built from the ground up using new UI frameworks such as Angular JS and Bootstrap CSS. Even the underlying Hibernate and Spring frameworks have been upgraded to their newer versions. The entire Studio 7 backend has been re-architected with a RESTful interface.  Not only that, even the applications that you build with Studio 7 will be automatically API-enabled through RESTful interfaces.

Studio as a Service

Studio 7 is now available as SaaS (in addition to the downloadable version), making WaveMaker Studio a comprehensive cloud-based visual development tool, complemented by WaveMaker Cloud for instant deployment to public cloud or private cloud (with our on-prem version of our WaveMaker Cloud PaaS).

API Prefabs

Studio 7 introduces the concept of Prefabs - reusable API plugins for your applications. You will now be able to easily use APIs in your applications by using corresponding API Prefabs out-of-the-box.  You can build your own API Prefabs and share or market them to other WaveMaker developers.

Data visualization

In Studio 7, data visualization is a lot simpler with the help of a new set of interactive charting widgets. In fact, you can mash up external data from say, Salesforce, with existing data to create insightful dashboards.  We have implemented D3JS to enable a staggering set of eye-popping data visualizations such as these.

Database Designer

Studio 7 lets you can create your own data model by using the WYSIWYG Database Designer.  You can drag and drop tables, set column attributes, and define relationships.

Smart Layouts

With Studio 7, we have taken a mobile-first approach to creating applications. Responsive Smart Layouts ensure your application is mobile-ready by automatically altering the layout as per the device. You can now instantly preview how your application will be displayed on a tablet or a smartphone from the design mode itself.  No more designing multiple layouts to support various devices.

New Live Widgets

Studio 7 extends the concept of Live Widgets by providing two new widgets - Live Filter and Live List.  You can add a Live Filter to a live widget, a chart widget, or any data-bound widget to show data based on filters. Live List lets you show a repeating group of items from a dataset.

Custom Project Templates

Studio 7 also gives you more control by letting you create your own Project Templates. You can now save any project as a template so you or others creating similar projects do not have to reinvent the wheel.

UI Editors

Power users of WaveMaker Studio will be happy to learn that it is now possible to edit HTML markup, JavaScript, and CSS on the client-side with a Code Editor.

We hope you will give WaveMaker Studio 7 a try.  Please keep in mind that this is a Beta version, so bugs may still exist.  We do not recommend the development of production applications on pre-GA versions (GA is currently scheduled for early August).  Please do let us know what you think of Studio 7 on the forum.

Samir Adams Ghosh
CEO – WaveMaker, Inc.