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Turn Figma Design to Live App In Minutes

WaveMaker AutoCode reads your Figma design and generates a pixel-perfect working application, instantly.

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Pixel Perfection in Quick Time

WaveMaker AutoCode delivers pixel-perfect application UI at high velocity using low-code technology. It reduces development time by 50%, yet creates consumer quality UI finish enterprise apps straight out of the box.

Bridging the Design-to-Code Tool Gap

AutoCode ensures what you see in Figma is what you get in a Wavemaker app. It eliminates the usual disparities that exist between design and coding tools, minimizing developers' grunt work to achieve pixel-perfect results. AutoCode provides 100% accuracy in the translation of design elements, app navigations, interactions, and other UI functionality in the final app.

Foster Productivity and Collaboration

Translating design concepts into functional UI requires extensive communication and coordination. WaveMaker AutoCode bridges this gap between the design and development teams by translating visual design into live applications with no differences.

How AutoCode Works

Plugin Installation

Install WM Plugin for Figma Studio.

Seamless Export
& Import

Export your Figma UI .zip file and import it into WaveMaker studio as a project.

Instant App Creation

And Voila! The app shows up in the studio, just the way you have designed it in Figma.

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