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Composable Experience Platforms for the 5G era powered by low-code

Transform the CSP digital landscape with experience components built on low-code.


Delivering a unified experience: The CSP challenge

With the advent of 5G and the convergence of mobile tech, broadband, OTT, and smart devices under the same umbrella; CSPs are reshaping their business models to launch innovative solutions with 5G connectivity.
For CSPs to deliver customized and compelling digital experiences, they need to:
  • Build a unified experience layer over the cloud and API-enabled, modern OSS and BSS stacks.
  • Adopt a strategic development model like composability to make the experience layer more nimble and extensible.
  • Enable an open platform to integrate and deliver best-of-the-breed services and experiences to the consumer.

Composable Software: The modern telecom tech stack

Break down and componentize all business capabilities with WaveMaker’s prefabs and journeys—custom experience components that can be distributed, customized, and assembled via low-code to compose delightful, multi-channel experiences quickly and at scale. Build a custom studio, rich with experience components for business developers/citizen developers across your enterprise.

WaveMaker joins hands with TM Forum

WaveMaker, a composable experience platform powered by low-code is a glove-in-hand fit for CSPs to realize their full potential of TM Forum ODF & Open APIs, be it to delivery superior consumer experience, enable agility in internal operations or to enable participation in open digital ecosystems.

Know more about TM Forum here.


Build-Distribute-Compose: Reimagine software development with fusion teams

Shift to a two-pass model of software delivery where developers build use case-specific experience components. Layer your custom studio with telecom-specific components. Enable citizen developers and customers to compose applications rapidly with simple drag and drop on their custom studio.


Professional developers build prefabs and journeys with low-code.


Components are shared securely via internal marketplace.


Implementation teams assemble custom solutions with drag-n-drop.

The WaveMaker Advantage


Equip yourself with new-age, future-proofed technologies and compete with the best.


Build iteratively from MVP to customer go-lives with 3X velocity.


Test the market pulse and innovate iteratively.


Incubate and scale a 3rd party developer ecosystem.

Composability delivers real business results

Create new channel experiences

Scale development and delivery of experiences for all channels at the speed of change with a composable experience platform powered by low-code. 

Transform enterprise app development model

Componentize capability packages and templates over orchestrated APIs with or without UX and compose applications rapidly.

Enable customer self-service

Create a custom, governed low-code studio with guardrails for citizen developers/customers. Empower them to compose, recompose, extend and customize multi-channel applications themselves.

Orchestrate ecosystems

Integrate services from 3rd parties and businesses to build new digital services for 5G applications with a white-labeled composer studio with custom use case-specific components.

Enable Experience-as-a-Service for enterprises and businesses

Offer captivating user experiences in your products with low-code. Integrate with APIs easily. Create custom experience components. Compose engaging user journeys. Craft a custom studio with telco-specific components. Allow business users and customers to innovate with a white-label studio.

Ride the maturity curve of building experiences for the telecom world with low-code.

The Business Impact of Experience-as-a-Service for CSPs

Massive Adoption

Expand the total addressable market to include customers with lesser-skilled tech teams. Reduce dependencies on vendor PS teams and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Revenue Scaling

Multiply business value and increase customer lifetime value by offering more than just APIs. Structure your offering with tiered pricing, including source code options and white-labeled low-code studio access.

Product-led Wins

Encapsulate APIs as visual components(prefabs), and offer componentized user journeys that make composing and embedding experiences into your app quick, easy, and affordable.

Growth Acceleration

Enable your teams to deliver differentiated experiences faster and customers to go live rapidly. Free up your capacity to absorb more demand.

The open low-code platform of choice for CSPs

The only low-code platform which gives you complete control and freedom over your assets.

Open Standards

Apps built on WaveMaker, are based on a proven; globally adopted open standards-based tech stack, which keeps your apps fresh, up-to-date, and free from potential vulnerabilities. Developers find it easy to adopt and onboard on a platform that is based on well-known technologies such as Angular, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Spring, and more.

Developer-seat Licencing Model

The transparent developer-seat licensing model is hassle-free, simple, and non-constrictive; allowing teams to create as many applications as they want and deploy them wherever they want, lowering development as well as implied futuristic costs.

No Vendor Lock-in

Free yourself from the clutches of lock-in and have complete control over your assets and applications. No limits on the number of applications or number of users. With no license restrictions on runtime libraries, you can deploy into any runtime platform, not just WaveMaker’s.

Real Code Behind

WaveMaker app-generated code is real code. Extend and customize code and components without being tied to the platform. WaveMaker platform generates code that is clean, readable, has no hidden logic, no metadata, and nothing proprietary—just powerful capabilities and better control.

Extensible Code

Extend and customize code and components without being tied to the platform. The Maven-compliant auto-generated app code can be exported and customized out of the platform into any IDE of choice, any time, any number of times.

Freedom of custom code

WaveMaker allows multiple extension points that allow custom coding. Create your own Java libraries and import them into WaveMaker as a Java service. Build your own custom UI styling and extensions using JavaScript. Integrate any external AngularJS and jQuery UI controls into the WaveMaker platform as a drag-and-drop UI widget.


Thoughts and Insights


WaveMaker joins TM Forum

We’re delighted to announce that WaveMaker has joined TM Forum to democratize the open, digital, API-first application economy for the 5G era.

Digitizing customer experiences is a top priority

TM Forum’s latest Digital Transformation Tracker 6 (DTT 6) report examines the status of CSPs’ digital transformation programs and ranks experience transformation as a top priority.

A platform approach to customer experience transformation is a game changer

Low-code platforms can help CSPs to accelerate the transformation of their digital experience. Find out how, in this blog by analysysmason.