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The age of modern composable banks

Banks have been dabbling with going digital-- from digitization of paperwork to the launch of “anytime, anywhere” banking solutions. In order to remain significant in the rapidly evolving financial services ecosystem, they need razor-sharp focus on 3 key aspects - being open, working with speed, delivering personalization. As they adopt the “Composable Banking” mantra and start collaborating with niche players, they need a development platform that can provide the impetus to roll out newer personalized consumer journeys built over APIs from diverse internal and external sources.
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What banks can do with WaveMaker

Launch composable digital platforms quickly

Build customer engagement portals for “everyday” retail banking needs like virtual card management, deposit accounts and loan management. Create centralized dashboards and management systems for multiple accounts for corporate clients

Create modern internal user experience efficiently

Modernize internal applications like dispute management, resource management, credit and transaction history management and cash management. Launch unique modern user experiences for employees and vendors in a cost-effective way

Facilitate embedded finance for SMBs with a white-labeled platform

Use low-code to develop own (read: white-labeled) API-inundated platforms. Enable small and medium banking players in the ecosystem to design and deliver embedded finance services backed by banking infrastructure and compliance capabilities

Why WaveMaker

To accelerate and expand app development without extension of the development teams
To launch enterprise-grade apps that are easy to maintain and upgrade
For the freedom of adopting best-of-the-breed APIs from diverse sources
To promote growth and scale with a predictable developer-based licensing model

Move from inconsistent and tedious user experiences to unified and intuitive customer journeys

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Real customer stories

A Fortune 500 bank builds a dispute management system in record time A leading US-based bank was looking to build a complex dispute management system with ironclad security protocols in place to collate transaction and credit history of customers. They were compiling the data manually from various systems since there were no integrations in place. Additionally, they had many challenges with internet connectivity in some parts of the country. They were looking for a solution that would auto-generate APIs and pass their vulnerability protocols while rapidly launching the application

The apps developed with WaveMaker passed the Nessus scan and rigorous security testing protocols

The IT team started maintaining and upgrading the portal themselves

They have been WaveMaker champions for the past 5 years, and counting

A Europe-based social security bank modernizes its legacy applications rapidly with WaveMaker platform

A leading social security bank based out of the Netherlands was endeavouring to modernize its internal and external processes using WaveMaker. Additionally, the bank needed to adhere to government regulations and policies regarding insurance processes. The bank had a considerable investment in legacy applications which needed to be customized and reused cost-effectively in addition to a lean team with legacy expertise. The digital solutions needed to synchronize faster with dynamic government policies and stakeholders requirements

A lean team of 4 developers was able to operate in a self-service* model using WaveMaker with minimal help

Reuse of core-shell built with WaveMaker cut down the turnaround time for application development

Mission-critical applications impacting business were created with fast go-to-market