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Mercy Health

Mercy Health is a not-for-profit health care organization founded in 1871 by the Sisters of Mercy. Currently, it has operations in the four states of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Mercy Technology Services is the IT division of Mercy Health. Approval processes in Mercy Health Care were manual and archaic. Earlier, a spreadsheet was emailed around to get approvals before any change could be entered into the HR system. From time to time, emails would get lost in someone’s mailbox and eventually would become hard to track and maintain.

Converting the approval process from manual to digital was definitely the need of the hour.

MTS needed a development platform that could not only transform the manual processes into digital but could do so quickly and efficiently. They also needed a platform with a small learning curve, suitable for a lean team with diverse skill sets.

MTS used WaveMaker to digitalize the entire approval process and to reduce the processing time from start to end. What’s more, they were able to scale to allow high volumes of approval requests without any hassles and were even able to create new applications with the WaveMaker platform.


Reduced approval process from 2 weeks to 2 days
Application scaled up to 7000 application requests per month
New workflows added to the system
Implementation of new applications on WaveMaker– such as incentive-based applications and employee review application
Download this case study to learn how Mercy Health used WaveMaker to convert manual processes to digital rapidly.

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