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WaveMaker is a highly scalable, open standards-based low-code platform that is easy to adopt, embed, and power core enterprise platforms and application development.

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Watch Vikram Srivats, VP, WaveMaker, in conversation with David M. Brear on 11:FS Spotlight

WaveMaker strengthens app security
with VeracodeTM certification

Celent Low-Code/No-Code Report : Leading fintech analyst mentions WaveMaker among major low-code vendors in banking and financial services

What's New
WaveMaker 10.8.0 now has team access to artifact repository, improved workflows for artifact publishing, prefabs versioning, and more...

The preferred low-code
for professional coders

At WaveMaker, we decided to build a low-code platform with the professional developer in mind. Professional coders want to build powerful, long-lived applications that offer a differentiated experience on web and mobile, which can evolve with user needs. For flexibility and speed, they use component-based microservices architecture and containerized deployments to cloud.


Enable differentiated experiences on mobile and web


Pull in a variety of data and auto-generate APIs


Write custom code for complex and edge cases


Auto containerize 
with zero DevOps

No low-code trade-offs on scale and security for simplicity and velocity.
Under WaveMaker’s intuitive developer studio, lies an enterprise-grade platform. 

New app development

Build scalable modern apps



Modernize without disruption



Create customizable platforms

Get performance with scale and security

No low-code trade-offs on scale and security for simplicity and velocity. Under the hood of WaveMaker’s intuitive developer studio, lies an enterprise-grade platform.

Rapid refresh

One-click continuous delivery to containers & K8s for timely updates and minimal delays 

Enterprise security

Secure apps with RBAC and protection against Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities

Global deployment

Adaptable, geographic compliance and out-of-the-box localization features 


Contextual digital banking experiences, built faster.

Accelerate digital transformation and create unforgettable customer journeys.

Compose custom applications together, utilize existing investments at speed and scale. Build reusable banking components (also known as Prefabs), develop custom business logic, and leverage the low-code platform’s plug ‘n’ play model.

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Low-code vs

The low-code industry is fast expanding into mainstream software development with the promises of speed and scale. It is a vast playing field for all types of developers; but when we conceptualized WaveMaker, we looked at only one: the professional coders. This sets us apart from other popular low-code systems.


Case(s) in point: Read some
of our customer stories

Rapid modernization

rapid modernization

Largest European food
retailing chain

Largest European food
retailing chain


To modernize legacy applications
with reduced development time
& effort to meet the season rush.


10 applications built in 6 months.
WaveMaker helped architects with
quick prototypes to pitch new
ideas to business.

Supply chain transformation

supply chain management

Global waste
management company

Global waste
management company


99.99% availability critical for partners &
 vendors even with a large user base
 for portals with high traffic.


3x reduction in time to market.
 10 apps delivered in 18 months.

Data insight at scale

data insight

International nuclear
fusion research project

International nuclear
 fusion research project


Manage inspection logs and tasks
 for thousands of reactor plant
 components & equipment, run by
 an international community.


2 months to build a data recording
 process from ideation to build.

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