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Elevate Developer Experience with Intelligent Mock Data

Introducing Mockingbird- Wavemakerโ€™s intelligent API mocking tool that generates realistic, domain-specific mock data, using cutting-edge algorithms and data modeling techniques.


Rapid Prototyping with Mock Data

Mockingbird enables rapid prototyping, independent development, comprehensive testing, and validation. By harnessing high-quality mock data, developers can fast-track their development cycle, ensure exceptional application quality, and mitigate the risks associated with handling sensitive data.

Localized and Realistic Mock Data

Mockingbird's dynamic localization feature allows it to generate localized responses based on the locale requested by the application. It is also equipped with intelligent data recognition capabilities, understanding the intricacies of each field in your API response. Whether itโ€™s names, addresses, zip codes, or credit card numbers, Mockingbird recognizes hundreds of data types and intelligently generates mock data tailored to your needs.

Combat API Downtime

Mockingbird simulates the dev server response for all API-invoked data types, saving you from waiting for actual API invocation during development. With Mockingbird's generated data, continue building and testing your applications uninterrupted.

Automate Pagination

Make comprehensive testing a breeze with our automated pagination. Simulate different pagination scenarios, test your API client behavior in a controlled environment, and ensure your applications handle paginated data accurately and efficiently.

How Mockingbird Works

Import and
Mock APIs

Import your API contract using OpenAPI/Swagger specification. Simply enable the API Mockingbird flag, and it will simulate your APIs, providing you with realistic responses that mirror actual API behavior.

Dedicated Mock Server

Once Swagger import is complete, Mockingbird will generate a dedicated mock server for imported APIs. This server will seamlessly serve as a substitute for the actual APIs, ensuring uninterrupted development progress.

Enable and
Disable Mocking

Need to switch between mock and actual API? Simply navigate to the settings tab of your imported APIs, where you can toggle Mock API button to enable or disable the mocking.
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