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New WaveMaker Gateway Empowers Enterprises to Publish and Manage APIs

Gateway’s Powerful In-Built Policy Templates, Together With Integral Metering, Monitoring, and Load Balancing, Fosters a Community of Registered Developers Consuming APIs Vital to Their Business
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 23, 2015) –WaveMaker, a leading enterprise application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) software company, today announced WaveMaker Gateway, enabling enterprises to open their APIs to the external world. With the news, WaveMaker extends its suite of API management tools beyond publishing, wrapping, and sharing APIs within the enterprise, allowing authorized partners and third-party developers to consume APIs vital to their business, and allowing API owners to eliminate risks from unintended users.

Now with the addition of WaveMaker Gateway and the WaveMaker API Management Portal, enterprises can open APIs to partners and external developers, fostering new developer ecosystems. Enterprises need faster innovation, and custom apps and APIs allow them to innovate faster, as well as to create or accelerate the growth of new revenue streams.

In order for APIs to be successful, enterprises need a platform that provides them:

  • The ability to easily create, publish and manage custom APIs
  • The flexibility of exposing APIs internally in order to certify that they are robust and scalable, and then to open those API Management for external consumption
  • The ability to open APIs to select external users initially

WaveMaker Gateway brings together API publishers (who publish APIs) and API consumers (who develop apps to consume the APIs) to form an ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. WaveMaker Gateway helps in simplification, management, securing, operationalizing and analyzing the external rollout of APIs.

For API publishing:

  • API owners can upload, document and make APIs visible. WaveMaker uses Swagger-enabled REST APIs for this purpose.
  • Product managers can easily publish APIs and apply business relevant policies to manage the external consumption of the APIs.
  • Operational administrators can monitor the consumption of the APIs in real time, providing rich business insights.

For API consumption:

  • Partners as well as third party developers can choose various API subscription plans based on consumption needs. They can easily onboard applications and generate required keys to consume APIs within their apps.
  • App developers can browse, list, test and understand Published API behavior.
  • App developers can use the visual drag-and-drop Rapid Application Development methodology of WaveMaker Studio to simplify the consumption of APIs and greatly reduce the effort of developing custom apps, thus solving the last mile problem for API consumption.

WaveMaker Gateway embeds the industry-leading Pramati Load Balancer, which was identified as Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and is deployed today at leading banks and global 2,000 enterprises across diverse industries. The WaveMaker Gateway Load Balancer acts as a front end for all external requests for APIs, ensuring enterprises of high performance and low-latency processing of millions of API requests, by eliminating excessive server loads and directing each request to the appropriate server. The Load Balancer also provides policy-driven configuration that allows for runtime flexibility in the management of REST.

“Custom apps are key to innovating and fostering ecosystems, and this cannot be done without APIs,” said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker. “WaveMaker Gateway completes our suite of API tools for the enterprise, and is the next step for enterprises looking to selectively and securely share apps outside of their organization with partners as well as third-party developers. We believe we are unique in that we provide enterprise developers with tools to create, manage, and consume APIs and applications — within and outside the enterprise — on a single unified platform.”

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