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WaveMaker joins TM Forum to democratize the open, digital, API-first application economy for the 5G era

An open, and secure enterprise-grade low-code platform suited for rapid, and composable development of scalable, API-first, multi-channel applications and experiences for cross-industry use cases powered by advanced telecommunications.

PLANO, TEXAS, Jan 28, 2022 --WaveMaker, the open low-code platform for professional developers is pleased to announce that they have joined the TM Forum and will now enable Communication Service Providers and vendors alike to dramatically increase the pace and throughput of delivering modern applications and experiences by offering a developer-first, API-first, open and composable experience workbench. WaveMaker intends to work within the TM Forum to help providers make an easy transition to a modern, low-code-based application development paradigm with peace of mind and flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.

Backed by a team that started 20 years ago with commercializing the world’s first J2EE app server, WaveMaker enables professional developers in over 60 countries to not only rapidly develop modern applications but also customize them easily for disparate use cases with speed, scale, and security.

Commenting on the association, Vikram Srivats, WaveMaker’s global head of strategic markets, says “WaveMaker is a glove-like fit with the vision of the TM Forum and its members: that of an open digital architecture and an Open API manifesto driving the next billion digital engagement apps in the 5G era and beyond. Our DNA has the right concoction: fundamentally open, API-first, real code, no-lock-in, developer-friendly, enterprise-ready, component-based composability, and extreme customizability. Rapidly develop serious, secure, rich applications for consumer scale, deploy anywhere, extend or customize easily and elevate your developers (and developer experience) to a whole new level. ”

"On behalf of our global member community, I welcome WaveMaker and look forward to witnessing the energy and experience they bring while collaborating on the next generation of standards and frameworks for the TMT industry. Now more than ever, simplifying how operators discover, deploy and operate the software that runs their business is essential to unlocking growth” said Gregory Geodjenian, Senior Director, Membership, TM Forum.

Wavemaker’s platform allows professional developers to build enterprise-grade applications with the freedom to deploy to an infrastructure of choice. Developers can create or import their custom widgets called “prefabs”--an abstracted component built over data, logic, and UI, combine them to create “user journeys” and embed them into any application with ease. The platform allows seamless co-existence and integration with existing development frameworks in a typical enterprise and adheres to modern architectural choices and best practices of application development. Enterprises use WaveMaker to transform not only how they build and deliver cloud-native apps, but also to transform teams to full-stack development and move more of their software supply chain to customer self-service models--at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional development.

About WaveMaker

WaveMaker, Inc. is a privately held software platform company headquartered out of Plano, Texas. WaveMaker has SaaS, on-prem, and white-labeled offerings for large enterprises and ISVs to build modern, API-driven, scalable, and secure software applications and platforms. It has significant customers in banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare, who are taking the low-code platform route to modernize their systems and transform business.

For more information, visit www.wavemaker.com or follow @WaveMaker on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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