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What’s next for
Java Developers

Two decades on, Java continues to be a popular backend platform, thriving in today’s modern era of big data, consumerization, machine learning and Internet of things - the digital transformation gig.

Java developers, once prized, are finding themselves challenged, and possibly dispensable. New development tools and delivery platforms are being announced every week. Traditional Java development teams have to learn new skills, a new vocabulary and adopt new approaches to app development.

This playbook is created for existing Java Development Teams looking to upskill and address modern application development needs by adopting low-code, rapid application development platforms. It guides teams on types of skills, composition and best practice approaches in building highly scalable applications with WaveMaker, an open standards based low-code application development platform.

Download this Playbook to find out:

  • Why Java developers need to be nurtured to become digital-ready through upskilling.
  • How rapid application development plays an important role in empowering and upskilling existing Java development teams.
  • How Java development teams can gear up for full stack development and be prepared for change using WaveMaker.
  • The enterprise applications you can build with WaveMaker.

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