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WaveMaker 11 Beta is here!

Create truly native apps with React Native

WaveMaker 11 Beta now ships with the React Native Studio making it simpler and faster to develop truly native mobile apps. Create slick and smooth interfaces with quicker loading times across mobile platforms

Debug and monitor with Devtool - a WaveMaker Chrome Extension

Make debugging and monitoring of your application easier with WaveMaker Devtool. Install this chrome extension that lets you debug and monitor WaveMaker 11 Applications in preview via the ‘inspect’ mode.


Develop and test your applications with WaveMaker Mock API Server

Are inconsistent API Servers preventing you from developing and testing your applications without interruption? Make use of our Mock API Server that keeps the data flow consistent and dependable. Build your applications with no interruptions.

Orchestrate APIs with API Composer Toolkit

Optimize multiple API calls for a page using the API Composer Toolkit. Leverage the use of a single Java Service API that calls multiple APIs(REST/Swagger/Database) and consolidates their responses into one Response Object thereby reducing development time and code complexity.


Leverage the change in the POM hierarchy

All applications created on WaveMaker 11 and above will have a new parent pom.xml that contains all information and configurations about the project in a readable format.


Upgrade to the new version of SAML

All WaveMaker projects that are using SAML(spring-security-saml2-core) as a security provider will be migrated to a new version of SAML thus removing the dependency on Spring extensions that have reached the end of life.


Collaborate with ‘Teams’ on WaveMaker Enterprise

Teams, a collaborative development environment is now shipped with WaveMaker Enterprise too. With Teams, you can manage projects, roles, and code repositories, add or remove team members, grant permissions, and more.