July 1, 2020

WaveMaker launches Theme Builder for creating uniformly great looking UI

A no-code tool for developers to build application style templates once and use them everywhere; ensures brand consistency and eliminates repetitive work.Try Theme Builder

The low-code vision is that every developer can easily build scalable digital apps with great looking UI out of the box. Quickly call in a database, auto-generate APIs, create services, compose a page, drag-n-drop elements into it, and push it to the cloud - voila! WaveMaker goes one step further. It puts the power of low-code in the hands of professional developers. All parts are customizable, giving them maximum control over functionality and user experience.

But customization is a double-edged sword. While there is an explosion of digital apps in the enterprise, keeping all the apps looking consistent and conforming to the corporate brand identity is a challenge.

The WaveMaker Theme Builder solves that challenge. It is a no-code tool for app developers to create common CSS styles - colors, fonts, button styles, icons, spacing, etc. -- that can be applied across all apps developed in the enterprise.

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The tool makes it easy to maintain a complete and updated app design, and make sure all apps look refreshed always. It also provides users with industry-standard styles like Material Design that can be applied. Without writing a line of code.

Enforcing a consistent look & feel for applications is not new to WaveMaker, but it was restricted to a widget or UI component, not the entire project. However, that just doesn’t cut it when all apps in the enterprise are expected to have a  “Natural” and “Beautiful”  look and feel that is in line with the brand identity. It takes considerable coding effort to create a customized brand theme. The Theme Builder eliminates that coding effort by providing a no-code way of creating themes.

Here are some advantages of using our Theme Builder:
Reduce manual coding effort and save precious time – Make changes with built-in code editor, and preview custom styles applied to web components instantly. Switch between different theme styles, preview changes, and integrate design elements across the application. Build a custom theme just once with a few clicks without having to write a line of code and apply it across every instance.

Maintain complete control on design elements – The essence of a brand is in its unique design elements such as the colors, font, style, and icons. The burden of meeting those standards falls on developers. WaveMaker’s Theme Builder gives you complete control over design elements to build uniform looking apps as per your brand guidelines.

Select from the latest fonts family – Get access to global font styles that are trending while building modern applications. Theme Builder gives you access to the latest market-trending fonts family and you don’t have to download .ttf or .woff files.  Just click, create, and apply.

Pick the perfect style - Choose from flat, material, or gradient styles to best reflect the mood of your app.  Theme Builder will be refreshed to provide popular industry standards, including Material Design. Pick a Flat style for simple two-dimensional designs or choose gradients to add color and depth to your themes. Use the Preview pane to see components changing real-time when different styles are applied, bringing your customized themes to life much faster.

Here’s to finding the perfect balance between rapid development and impeccable brand consistency.https://youtu.be/KUsR0x4Voj8

Try WaveMaker’s Theme Builder to build apps fast while effortlessly maintaining the brand look and feel.

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