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Responsive, hybrid, and native
apps for Android and iOS

Build hybrid and native mobile apps with WaveMaker

Let’s understand what responsive,
hybrid, and native applications mean;
and how they differ

Responsive apps

Responsive web design emerged as a new way of building websites and web apps that adapt their UI to the size of the current browser window. This became possible with fluid grid layouts, flexible images, and media queries. While responsive web design is highly suitable for websites, data-oriented apps may not find it very suitable. The app needs to be opened through a browser URL and not the typical fashion of a mobile installed app. More importantly, the apps cannot leverage device capabilities resulting in a less engaging experience.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are built using HTML5, just the way a Responsive Web App would be developed and then packaged into a thin native container and libraries that provide access to native features of the device. That way, Hybrid Apps combine the best of Native and Responsive Web Apps. They are built using familiar web technologies, but run like a typical Mobile App and use device capabilities. Not only does Hybrid App development offer better use of available skills and people, but also the ability to build Apps that follow UI guidelines of the device platform.

Native Apps

Native apps provide the best experience on mobile devices, as they are specially built to the platform/OS. Each mobile platform has its own development tool and SDKs, which enables professional developers to build native apps leveraging device or platform-specific features. The problem with native apps is that you need to develop individually for each platform (iOS or Android or Windows), using different technologies (Objective-C or Swift for iOS, or Java for Android) making it an expensive proposition. Hence, native apps are suitable for consumer-facing apps or games.


  Responsive apps Hybrid apps Native apps
Mobile web browser-friendly Yes No No
New code base for each mobile OS No No Yes
UI/UX Good Exceptional Exceptional
Ability to leverage device capabilities No Yes Yes
Ideal for Websites Business apps Consumer apps
Cost of development Low Low High

Why go

Companies looking to build intuitive UIs; along with lowering the development efforts, opt for the hybrid model of app development

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Hybrid apps built on our platform give a near-native experience on all mobile operating systems

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